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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm quoted on SE Roundtable!

I replied to a post on SEW about PPC ad lengths, and SE Roundtable is quoting me on their blog! Market Trends: Conformity Of PPC Search Marketing Creatives - Short vs. Long?: "There is some interesting discussion over at SEW Forums you might want to check out. It is discussing the trends of the major PPC providers in terms of the lengths of their ad creatives and how over time they have gotten shorter or even longer at times... "

Here is my quote: "Our advice to advertisers was always "the more you tell, the more you sell." This is true for PPC as well. Yahoo's longer ads definitely do a better job of getting targeted clicks. But it's hard to compare apples to apples, because the audiences for the two engines are so different, and the programs keep changing in terms of distribution partners, "quality score," and so on." I was relating my experience in the classified ad dept. of a mid-size newspaper. Glad Phoenix liked my quote!


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