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Thursday, September 07, 2006

PPC Gone Wild: Enough, Already!

I said in my last post that these celebrity crazes were happening on a monthly basis. I guess I was wrong. It's happening weekly now. Yesterday, the news broke that little Suri Cruise really does exist, and photos of her are in the new issue of Vanity Fair. We speculated internally that since no one was naked this time, it wouldn't cause much of a stir. WRONG. "Vanity Fair" (technically, "vanityfair") was the #1 keyword for us in MSN yesterday. Time to pause my ads.

I have to say that, honestly, I don't get the big hoo-hah over Suri. Who cares, anyway? I barely knew who Katie Holmes was before she hooked up with Tom Cruise, so I certainly don't care a whit about her offspring. I used to love Tom Cruise - there was a time when I thought he was by far the hottest celebrity out there. Not any more. He's gone wacko and it's very unattractive. I guess that proves that looks really aren't everything - the guy's totally lost his appeal for me. And why people get so worked up over their baby is beyond me. It's not like they drove around town with her in their laps, unbelted; or dangled her out a balcony window; or anything like that. Gosh.

Anyway, I'd like to ask all the celebs out there to just stop strutting their stuff in magazines for a couple weeks, so I can catch my breath.


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