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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Are Search Rankings Important?

Ever hear the saying "A day late and a dollar short?" (Silly me, of course you have.) I'm a day late and a post short. I had a post partially drafted on the hot topic of the blocking of rank checking software by Google, but ran out of time to finish it. Well, Stoney deGeyter at Search Engine Guide just saved me the trouble by taking the words (and links to other relevant posts) right out of my virtual mouth with his post, An End To Ranking Reports Is An End to Analysis.

Seriously, it's a great post, and really does sum up what I was going to say on the topic, especially his final sentence: "But to not know where you're ranking for your keywords leaves you without an important tool for assessing how, when, where, and why your sales figures may have suddenly changed." This is why I'm concerned, as our clients have come to depend on us for this information.

An aside: In reading the comments in the article, I see I'm not the only one Stoney beat to the punch! Oh well - good for you, Stoney!



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