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Friday, June 24, 2011

Display Network Resources

Last Friday, I had the privilege of participating in the PPC Hero Twitter chat. It was a lot of fun, and I'm honored to have been chosen for the interview. We talked about a couple of hot PPC topics, including Adwords Campaign Experiments and the Display Network.

During the Q&A, several questions came up regarding display, and I've seen some chatter on Twitter this week about it too. So I thought I'd post a few resources here.

When I have questions, the first place I always go is the Help section of the respective engines. Both Adwords and adCenter have helpful, informative sections on Display. I recommend starting there.

If you're looking for additional suggestions and best practices, take a look at this post I wrote recently on Adwords Display Network Best Practices.

For your additional reading pleasure, here's a big list of display network resources that I put together recently.

Display can be a great way to expand your PPC reach, and it's becoming more important than ever. Here's to your success with display advertising! What are your favorite display resources or success stories? Share them in the comments!



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