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Friday, May 19, 2006

ClickTracks Rocks!

In broader terms, I should say "analytics rock!" Analytics are an increasingly important component of internet marketing, and something no e-commerce site should be without. Google rocked the SEM world when they rolled out Google Analytics (formerly Urchin) for free a while back, and now ClickTracks is on board with Appetizer: a stripped-down-but-still-cool version of their analytics package.

ClickTracks Appetizer is unique in that, in any given week, different feature sets are enabled. Users get to sample some of the features of ClickTracks' paid Analyzer, Optimizer, and Pro packages. At the moment, the Campaign Report and Search Report from Analyzer, their entry-level package, is live. The Campaign Report lets you analyze your PPC and other marketing campaigns, and the Search Report shows visitor stats broken down by keyword and search engine. The Search Report is a great snapshot full of actionable data. I can't get the Campaign Report to work for our PPC stuff yet, but that's the other great thing - ClickTracks has awesome support. I've been working with one of their reps on and off since SES Chicago in December. He's been very patient and helpful, assisting me and others here in wading through the complex web that is our site (no pun intended). I'm sure most other reps would have given up on us by now, but he's sticking with it. In fact, I think the challenge energizes him - a trait which seems to be common among the ClickTracks staff I've met over the years. They love to try to crack a tough problem and break through to a solution. Seems like John Marshall, their CEO, is that type of guy, and it definitely permeates throughout the organization. John is very hands-on, and it's a really good thing for ClickTracks - he understands first-hand what they're trying to do and how to do it.

Anyone who's looking for a little insight into what's happening on their web site should try ClickTracks Appetizer. It rocks!


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