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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, and Andrew Goodman's PZCast

Who can argue that a long weekend is almost always a good thing? That one extra day makes a difference, at least in our house! The weather is nice here in Michigan - sunny with highs in the 80s. Today, we're going golfing.

One quick work-related topic I wanted to comment on: Andrew Goodman's first "PZCast" on PageZero Media. Andrew's the preeminent expert on Google Adwords, and his book "Winning Results With Google Adwords" is considered *the* manual on the topic. He's a regular speaker at Search Engine Strategies, and publishes an e-newsletter that's always a great read. He and PageZero's resident Yahoo expert, Mona Elesseily, put together their first audiocast on Yahoo Search Marketing earlier this week, and I listened to it yesterday. If you're a Yahoo advertiser, this is a must-listen. They touched on everything from account setup, to creative & landing page tips, to a basic SEO overview. Prior to the PZCast (so called because it's an mp3 download for their members, not an actual podcast), they took email questions from newsletter subscribers to address in the cast. They even read and answered one of my questions! Too cool.

PageZero has ebooks on both Adwords and Yahoo SM, and I highly recommend them. Purchasing the books automatically makes you a member, and you can download the PZCasts from their web site. Hats off to Andrew and Mona!


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