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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Website Grader

I found out about Website Grader via a post on Sphinn yesterday. It's a cool free tool that looks at elements of any web site, making suggestions for improvement. You'll get a report on Google Page Rank, page structure, domain info, headings and tags, indexed pages, RSS feeds, inbound links, and search rankings. Based on these factors, you'll get an overall score on a 100-point scale. Stats are also available for competitors' sites, which is great for benchmarking and sleuthing.

I ran this blog through the tool, and was glad to see there are a lot of things I'm doing right! I'm not a programmer or a web designer, so it's nice to know that even a hack like me can figure out this blogging thing. There is lots of room for improvement, though, and the tool gave me a good list of things to work on.

I also ran our MagazineLine site through the tool. We scored 90 out of 100 - pretty darn good, but like most sites, there are a couple of quick-hit items that will make things even better.

How does your site or blog stack up?

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