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Monday, September 24, 2007

What If SES and SMX Merged?

No, the two conferences aren't really merging. But if they did....

Two of my coworkers attended the Annual Summit in Vegas last week. By all accounts, it was a fruitful show, with informative sessions and a packed exhibit hall.

That's where the SES / SMX mashup comes in. My coworker was filling me in on her experiences at the show: specifically her conversations with vendors at the expo. Talking with a rep from a search marketing firm, she asked him if he exhibited at other shows like, and I quote, "SEX or any of those?"

Alrighty then!

The best part of the story is, the guy she was talking to didn't even notice the faux pas! He kept right on talking and never missed a beat. Our other coworker, who was standing by, looked on in horror as the two of them talked about "going to SEX."

It's not a bad acronym, when you think about it. Search Engine Xpo, anyone?

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