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Monday, September 29, 2008 Now Charging for Podcasts?

For the past couple weeks, I've had trouble downloading my favorite SEM podcasts, including the Daily Searchcast and PPC Rockstars, into iTunes. Since I'm no iTunes pro, I figured I was doing something wrong. Finally yesterday I went to to try to re-subscribe, or at least download the mp3 files. But when I tried to access the most recent episodes of the shows, I was taken to a login page promoting registration for "less than $.99 a day."

Huh? Does this mean that I have to pay a couple hundred bucks a year just to access the podcasts I previously could download for free?!? I couldn't find another way to get at them, other than to listen live - not all that convenient for me, which is why I use iTunes.

If this is truly the only way to subscribe to these podcasts, it's a huge shame. Was the advertiser-supported model not working? Is there no other way to share this great industry resource without having to pony up?

I hope I'm wrong about this - if anybody has any more info, I'd love to hear it.



  • Melissa,

    First, I'm flattered that you download PPCR!

    The Webmasterradio guys are having some technical difficulties - and some people downloading the podcasts are accidentally diverted to the subscription form. The problem will be solved soon.



    By Blogger Unknown, at 4:26 PM EST  

  • PPC Rockstars rocks! Seriously - great show David, keep up the good work.

    By Blogger Melissa, at 5:09 PM EST  

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