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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Online Marketing Integration FTW

I've written extensively about integrating PPC with other channels, and using it to kick up your online marketing results FTW. I'm probably most proud of the success we've had at Fluency Media with integrated marketing for Travel Michigan.

Travel Michigan is the official marketing arm for tourism for the State of Michigan. Their website,, has been the #1 state tourism website for 3 years running. Fully 75% of their traffic comes from search.

Most of the search traffic is organic - and we handle SEO for this client. However, we've been able to successfully use PPC to inform our SEO efforts, focusing on the keywords that are most likely not only to drive traffic, but to drive conversions.

Michigan also holds the #1 spot for social media, according to a study by Gammet Interactive. Guess what? We also handle all the social media for Travel Michigan. Again, we make sure all the bases are covered - so if someone sees an event or a destination on Facebook, and then later turns to search to find it again, it's there.

Integration sounds complicated, but it doesn't have to be. What's key, though, is communication between marketing teams. We have monthly "All-Agency" meetings with Travel Michigan marketing staff, Fluency, Travel Michigan's PR team, and McCann Erickson, Travel Michigan's traditional media agency (who, by the way, created the award-winning Pure Michigan TV ads). At the meetings, we discuss what's going on - events, marketing efforts, new ad campaigns, whatever. No item is unimportant - what one group may think is a small thing might turn out to be big if promoted in another channel or channels.

We're really proud of the success we've had with this client. What integration efforts are you proud of?

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